‘Your purpose is not what you make up, but what you are made up of’.

This has become a mantra which songstress Rachel Koster has stepped to for the past few years. In a season of growth, clarity and self discovery, a new era has emerged for the dedicated songwriter, who has uncovered the importance of clear intention behind every action.

‘I am embracing a new way of doing what I do from here-on in, and it must be about empowering myself while at the same time empowering others. I think that it is very important that both align, and it is how art of every kind should operate, and in fact, how life should also operate. Music for me is about uplifting the listener or offering new ways to frame things, that is what I get most out of the music of others and also what I want to give. As artists we have the responsibility and privilege to make a difference in the world, so why not take it. That is my aim.’

Rachel is holding her place in the pop domain right now with song-writing, sync, releases, co-writes and collaborations. For all updates jump on Rachel’s social media pages.

Music available at itunes and through this site.

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