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"...her music is like imagery and honesty meeting for coffee..."

"...an artist whose songs speak for themselves..."


DB Magazine – Adelaide (March 2007)

This gorgeous 14-track debut from...

Music industry personnel have commented…

Produced in part by ARIA award winning engineer,...

Oz Music Magazine – Online (March 2007)

When Queensland bred singer-songwriter Rachel...

DB Magazine – Adelaide (March 2007)

This gorgeous 14-track debut from Queensland-based writer and singer, Rachel Koster, is one outstanding release with nary a dud track to be found. A writer who has penned numbers either for, or with, Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks) and even a couple of Idols, Koster’s debut stands up against any and is already in my top five for 2007.

This ain’t a teenage angst nor novelty album, mind. This is an adult one, in for the long term with writing that is first class: “I’ve considered slipping back to bed, for winter hibernation, but a bird on my windowsill, has caught my full attention,” this is the opener, Just Sing My Life Away, a medium-tempo track that with its production shouts quality. The musical genre Koster has generated with musos such as Fraser, Bruce Haymes, John Watson and Steve Hadley (from The Renee Geyer Band) is a wonderful fusion of pop, country (Maybe), lite-blues and Norah Jones-style jazz (A Beautiful Love and Little Girl).

The ballad, The Sound Of Love Leaving, is a superb ode to distressing break-ups and quick exits. There’s even a funk-lite feel on Candy Coloured Lunchwrap, a quirky little ditty about childhood and, dare I say it, the joys of discovering white lies in the greaseproof paper. One of my other faves is Hectic Fool, wonderfully laid-back with great brush snare and piano carrying the melody.

Koster’s voice is a joy to listen to, allowing the listener to slip into the world of the singer, appreciating the material being presented. This is helped by the production that never allows the music nor the voice to dominate. Cannily enough, the producer is Ms Koster herself – top job.

- Mark Liebelt


Music industry personnel have commented…

Produced in part by ARIA award winning engineer, Robin Mai (John Butler Trio ‘Sunrise Over Sea’) and mixed by the legendary Chris Dickie (The Eurythmics, Wet Wet Wet), Rachel teamed up with an exciting dream-list of Australia’s top musicians to create this chilled collection of originals.  A little different from her past material…the album has been defined “a smooth, honest, and cosy offering, canvassing all the seasons of the heart”.

Under the brilliant musical direction of Bruce Haymes (Renee Geyer/Countdown band), on keys, other awesome players included John Watson (Black Sorrows/Renee Geyer), Steve Hadley (Kate Ceberano/Renee Geyer), Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks/John Farnham), Jak Housden (The Badloves/Whitlams) & Susie Ahern (Everyone) to name a few.

Rachel has penned every song on the album, and there are 13 in all to fall in love with.  A couple of collaborative tracks grace the CD, including one very special ballad “Dance Upon Your Love”, created by herself and Noiseworks/Farnham band musician Stuart Fraser.  Performed live and acoustic in the same booth, this was a total treat for Rachel, who’s active musical journey began at the first glimpse of Farnham’s Chain Reaction album in 1990.  “It was a surreal and overwhelming experience” she says.

The CD is organic, timeless & original, and it also features an appearance by Bundy bred rapper RVL8, on her special tribute to the legend that is Stevie Wonder (the track “Candy Coloured Lunchwrap”) .

If you enjoy timeless music, we know you will like “Deciduous”.

Music industry personnel have commented:

It’s mellow and beautiful.” 

“Sounds delicious!” 

    “It’s ‘real’ and that’s what I like about it.”   

“Deciduous is a very honest record.”

…recorded at Melbourne’s renowned home of music, Woodstock Studios! 


Oz Music Magazine – Online (March 2007)

When Queensland bred singer-songwriter Rachel Koster was nine, she vividly remembers her uncle returning from a month of missionary work in Fiji.  With him he brought slides and an audio cassette of the rich singing from the islands.  It was at that point Rachel fell in love with harmony, and her interest in all things musical was ignited for life.

With the recent release of her debut album “Deciduous”, a collection of original works summed up as a ‘smooth and delicate offering canvassing all the seasons of the heart’, Rachel is thrilled to have taken her career to another level.  “To be able to create with the musicians that took part on this CD was a real treat, and I am first to admit I’ve definitely fulfilled a lifelong dream.”  The people she speaks of are players who have graced dozens of albums in the Australian scene.  Musicians such as Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks/Farnham band), Bruce Haymes (Renee Geyer/Countdown),  Steve Hadley (Kate Ceberano), Jak Housden (The Badloves/The Whitlams), John Watson (The Black Sorrows), and the list continues.  Under the direction of engineer Robin Mai, responsible for John Butler Trio’s ARIA Award winning album “Sunrise Over Sea”, as well as producer Chris Dickie, who has worked with artists including Wet Wet Wet and The Eurythmics to name a few, there was no doubt her material was in capable hands.

Although Rachel’s style of writing has been varied over the years, dabbling in commercial pop, rock, country, islander, R&B and everything in between, she chooses to class this album as jazz meets pop meets soul. “It is a moody and relaxed selection, and there are a lot of ballads.  It’s funny I’ve been told it’s a good cruisy album for making love to, not that I’ve ever tried” she laughs.  “I also receive feedback that gals sob at the sad numbers on here, so I’m not sure what to think of that mixed response haha!”

The CD is organic, timeless & unique, with 13 songs in total, and it also features an appearance by  Aussie rapper “RVL8”, on a special tribute to the legend that is Stevie Wonder, via the track “Candy Coloured Lunchwrap”.

Rachel says there were many high points in the making of “Deciduous”, one of those being the chance to co-write a track with guitarist Stuart Fraser, a long time influence.  Although admitting to pictures of the beloved Noiseworks boys in her highschool diary back in the day, she did manage to put past teen adoration aside and focus enough to create the ballad “Dance Upon Your Love” which appears on the CD.  “It seems to have become a favourite, which is really nice, and actually, that song had two sets of lyrics right up until the day we recorded it”.

Says Rachel: “One version was a love story, the other was a social comment on starving children in Kenya.  Stuart had the tune idea, together we made the melody, but we had only temporary lyrics for a while, which I workshopped until I brought along two finished versions on tracking day.  Stuart made the final decision, leaning toward the one closest to our temporary lyric.”

Rachel, who started pursuing her musical path at the age of 15 with a fun classroom a cappella group, has ventured into many areas in her short career.  She has spent time in choirs, been part of writing and performing in musicals, written songs with and for a number of artists, been backing and session vocalist to numerous acts and studios, and has forged a path to some impressive collaborations.

But what is next for this creative spirit?  “My main love is song-writing, so that is a priority.  Getting songs used by other artists, co-writing and publishing opportunities on screen etc.  Some of my tracks are out there in the pipeline, hanging to crop up in unexpected places, so it’s just a bit of a waiting game at the moment.  Singing harmonies is also a favourite for me, so I hope to rustle up some further work in that field for sure.  But rest assured I will continue to keep making noises in the solo scene that’s for sure”


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